four Farming Traps and How to Escape Them (Travian)

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Published: 25th November 2010
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Farming in Travian can be entertaining; nevertheless there arrives a particular point in your "farming career" in which you can make some actually stupid errors that result in you more grief than the resource that you steal do you excellent. What are these traps? How does one particular steer clear of them? Study on.

My goal will never develop: If the man or woman you are raiding is energetic they are expanding. They most likely have numerous crannies set up and as soon as they have troops in their vlg they send out them someplace safe. Scout out the surrounding villages close your farm to be certain his/her troops are not finding ready for a main assault on your village.

Raiding at the exact same hour each and every day: If you farm a player at the exact same time each morning they will make positive they invest down or deliver their troops out for the duration of those occasions. To sustain inconsistency, raid your farms when you get up to go to the rest room in the night. Your spouse may well assume you're crazy but you can guarantee her that you are currently being thoughtful (of your troops).

Oasis/Reinforcements: Some farms will retailer their troops in your oasis. If they do so, you will be feeding them. Storing troops in a vill is really obvious. Even so storing them in an oasis is not. Throw a rapid look at your rally level statistics so that you know what troops are in your vill.

Neglect to study a farm's profile: When you are farming 50 or more farms every single working day it's easy to neglect to look at their profile page. Some farms are being secured by greater alliances or players. You don't want to wake up to discover you had three villages catapulted to zero simply because you forgot to go through a farm's profile and scooped up a hundred and fifty crop. Be aware of who you are raiding and who is messaging you.
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